IR35 Calculator

We can help find the right umbrella company for your current contract.

One of the most important things for contractors who have contracts inside IR35 is how their take-home pays will be affected by it. According to your situation, our IR35 Calculator will help you to find out how your earnings will be impacted. All you need to do is to enter your hourly or daily rate and whether your contract is outside or inside IR35.

Contracts are different and they depend on many factors such as your daily or hourly rates, the nature of your business goals, and approximate expenses. However, our IR35 calculator can help you to get an approximate figure and show you how the IR35 legislation impacts your net income.

IR35 is the way that ensures that employees pay their taxes correctly. However, it is complicated legislation. Contractors who are inside IR35 pay more tax than those who are outside.

It is a well-known cost and many contractors are already aware that they will not be as free as being outside IR35. On the other hand, being inside IR35 means that you will be treated as an employee, which means that you will be treated as a regular employee and pay the same tax contributions and National Insurance.

If you want to know the impact of IR35 on you, just enter your details below.

IR35 Calculator

IR35 Calculator


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We can help find the right umbrella company for your current contract

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