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Faith Lynch
Find Umbrella Ltd have always been helpful and prompt. I’ve never had an issue to complain and payment has always been on time.
Lena Bryant
I have found Find Umbrella Ltd to be ultra efficient and professional since started to use them. Calls are promptly answered along with requests being actioned without delay. I would definitely recommend Umbrella to my friends and colleagues.
Vivian Mcguire
I found this company really easy to deal with and if I had any queries they would always respond very quickly. I was paid on time and they were very supportive when I had questions as part of my transition into IR35
Abigail McDonald
Find Umbrella Ltd made working through as a contractor very easy. The setup process was swift and efficient . Payments have always been made on time and any queries re expenses or pension contributions were answered and dealt with almost immediately
Blake Grant
Had problems with my agency. Spoke with the manager for over an hour and she talked me through everything and made sure I understood my payments. So I have had a good experience overall


Most frequently asked questions and answers.

After your form submission one of our advisors will be in touch to confirm which plan may suit you best.

The provider will present their full terms & conditions and provide you a full tax breakdown including any fees and how much of your earnings you take home after tax deductions and umbrella fees.

They will then request approval from your agency to act as your payroll provider.

After your form submission, one of our advisors will be in touch to confirm which plan may suit you best.

Our team of expert advisors are always here to clear up any questions or concerns. In any case that it is decided that this plan or provider is not the best match for you after your submission, with your consent, your information can be easily transferred at no cost.

You can skip any questions you wish, however you will be asked for the following:

National Insurance Number

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Clear Image of Valid Passport/Driving License

Find Umbrella is a completely free service for contractors.

Our providers do not charge their contractors that are in between contracts including holidays.

No problem, our providers fees only apply whilst your contract has started and you are being paid.

You can sign up to Find Umbrella, find and join the best paying umbrella company for your upcoming contract for completely free.

We have been able to provide you with the best possible free service by charging some of the listed providers a small fee for new customers they receive that come from our website.

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